Events & Activities Report

IEEE DTU Student Branch organizes plethora of activities. To have an overview of the past activities have a glimpse on the report of events and activities:

Student Chapters Report

Student chapters and affinity group at IEEE DTU Student Branch are very vibrant. To know more about the past activities organized by our chapters or affinity groups, have a look at the reports:

Annual Reports

IEEE DTU has one of the highest number of members in the Asia-Pacific region. With such a large taskforce, we had an eventful academic sessions, and conducted various activities, committed to our ethos of spreading knowledge all over. In addition to technical events, IEEE DTU also organized management events. Our events were not constrained to the college boundaries, but also extended beyond these to other institutions as well.

IOTA - Annual Technical Journal

In this age of development, it would not be wrong to say that being technically unaware is a cardinal’s sin. One has to be alert about all the recent discoveries, research and experimentation that are going on in every field of science and engineering. One has to have knowledge about gadgets varying from a simple application of android operating system to the basics of large hadron collider. And with this ambition, every year we publish technical journal, the IOTA. Every edition of IOTA makes for a valuable read and is a step in the positive direction in taking IOTA to grander scales.

TRIGGER - Annual Technical Magazine

The journey of Troika through the years, has been long but glorious. What started with 3 events as the annual festival of the erstwhile IEEE DCE Student Branch, has now expanded to much wider horizons with numerous events. Trigger - the annual technical magazine - is the epitome of grandeur of technical festival. Every year on the day of S-PAC, latest edition get released.

ECHO - Newsletter for Fucchas

As you may be knowing, Echo is a newsletter from IEEE Delhi Technological University welcoming the first years and giving them tips on survival! Every year our publications team and design team put efforts for its release.