Power and Energy Society

IEEE Power and Energy Society provides an international platform for all to share the latest technological advancements in the electric power industry. The society promotes research, planning, design, construction, maintenance, installation and operation of equipment, structures, materials and power systems for the safe, sustainable, economic and reliable conversion, generation, transmission, distribution, storage and usage of electric energy, including its measurement and control. IEEE DTU PES organizes industrial trips and school visits to encourage more participation of students and members.

The ultimate aim is to develop standards that guide the development and construction of equipment and systems, and for educate members of the industry and the general public.

Women in Engineering

IEEE Women In Engineering strives to facilitate the involvement of women in all technical disciplines to ensure that the path towards development and innovation is treaded by both women and men. IEEE WIE strives to recognise the outstanding performances of women in electrical and electronics through IEEE awards nominations. It promotes and organizes receptions at major IEEE conferences to facilitate the interaction amongst the fellow members and promote IEEE WIE memberships. They encourage the development of programs ensuring the presence of women in the engineering stream.

IEEE WIE also administers the IEEE Student-Teacher and Research Engineer/Scientist (STAR) Program to mentor young women in junior and high schools.

Engineering in Medicine and Biology

IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) is the world's largest international society of biomedical engineers. EMBS provides its members with access to the people, practices, information, ideas and opinions that are shaping one of the fastest growing fields in science. The purpose of IEEE EMBS is to benefit both humanity and its members by providing a common platform for all the enthusiasts to come together and share.

From advancing medicine and biology through the application of engineering sciences and technology, to promoting the profession of biomedical engineering, ensuring professional development and crediting excellence, presenting conferences that bring together scientists, engineers and physicians from multiple disciplines to share their vast knowledge and solve complex problems, establishing technical standards and also providing global leadership for the profession, IEEE EMBS has very distinguished goals.

IEEE EMBS provides a scope to research and advance in the various technical fields ranging from neuromuscular devices to cancer treatment, drug delivery, biomedical imaging and so on.

Industry Application Society

IEEE Industrial Applications Society focuses specifically on the unique needs of industry and commerce. IEEE IAS enriches both its individual members and the industry as a whole through the sharing of specific industry-related solutions. IEEE IAS organizes informative meetings, conferences and seminars to further facilitate the interaction with the foremost industrial experts through personal participation.

Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society is a professional society whose purpose and scope is “to advance the theory, practice, and application of computer and information processing science and technology” and the “professional standing of its members.” The Computer Society is the largest of 39 technical societies organized under the IEEE Technical Activities Board. Boasting over 60,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society offers several benefits, including access to the Digital Library, which comprises 650,000 articles.

The DTU Chapter of IEEE Computer Society has been initiated with the aim of improving the technical and professional aptitude of students in computer science and software engineering through workshops, events and various other student activities.

The orientation for the same was held on 15th April 2015 in the presence Dr. S. Indu , Branch Counselor, IEEE DTU SB. The society organized a 4 day programming interviews bootcamp with talks and technical sessions by DCE alumni. The first programming contest under the society ‘DTU Programming Mania’ was organized on 17th April 2015 on the Codechef platform.